Single & Multipath Spool Construction

The Engineering Team at Eastech believed that in order to absolutely meet all of the requirements of AWWA/ANSI C750–03, a flowmeter had to be designed that not only adhered to every section of the Standard, but also eliminated any possibility of improper installation, inaccurate velocity measurements, and less than adequate calibration procedures. A flowmeter, in order to meet these requirements, would have to possess the following features:

  • Factory aligned spoolpiece sensors for guaranteed installed accuracy
  • High accuracy flow measurement under disturbed flow profiles
  • Advanced electronic meters with onboard dataloggers
  • NIST traceable calibration under actual operating conditions

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Field Ready


Factory manufactured spoolpieces with exact known internal diameters, are combined with either precision factory aligned Hot Shot or Embedded Window acoustic sensors for guaranteed installed accuracy.

The Hot Shot sensor is ideal for applications involving raw sewerage, since the sensor can be removed in the field for cleaning due to pipe wall build-up of the media. The Embedded Window sensor transmits and receives ultrasonic pulses through an Ultem® thermoplastic corrosion resistant window that allows for easy sensor removal without de-watering of the pipeline.



Two and three path diametrical sensor configurations are recommended for applications that do not have normal upstream straight runs to produce well developed velocity profiles. The average axial velocity component for each acoustic path is utilized to establish the velocity profile. The velocity profile is then numerically integrated over the conduit's cross-sectional area to determine the volumetric flow rate. As a result, flowmeter accuracy is relatively independent of the velocity profile.





The Vantage 4800 has a built-in datalogger with eight distinct channels for logging flow and totals.The storage capacity for a single channel at 5 minute intervals is 113 days. Logger data may be visually accessed on the display of the meter in pre-programmed time intervals or retrieved through a laptop or optional modem installed within the enclosure of the meter.
Daily Averages: Daily summary allows viewing of the previous eight days.This includes times, dates, averages, minimums, maximums and totals.
Logger Graph: In addition, a bar graph may be visually displayed on the Vantage.The graph will display the stored logger data in pre-programmed time intervals.
Data Retrieval: Logger data can be collected by using a laptop computer or an optional modem installed within the Vantage enclosure.


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